Assemblywoman Cheryl Brown has a long history of working on environmental issues in the Inland Empire. As a planning commissioner and newspaper publisher she:

  • -Developed county lands in a sustainable way, while also protecting the environment for our children.

  • -Collaborated on and was a leader in the Green Valley initiative funded by the Morgan Family Foundation, which sought to integrate social, economic and environmental forces to bring green jobs, better opportunities and a higher quality of life to the Inland Empire.

  • -Hosted events with Riverside City Hall, the Claremont School of Theology, local religious leaders and the community to discuss environmental issues and green technology. In addition, the community leaders of Bakersfield requested an opportunity to host a presentation of environmental information for their community.

  • -Fought against perchlorate in our drinking water.

Cheryl Brown believes we must take steps to address climate change, because it threatens our environment, public health, our economy, and national security. She is focused on advancing renewable energy technologies, and improving energy efficiency to save California families and businesses money, reduce carbon pollution, spur innovation, create good-paying jobs, and improve public health.

Assemblywoman Cheryl Brown strongly supports environmental standards that keep our land, air, and water clean.

She has supported major environmental bills in the state legislature that strengthen key environmental protections that help address air pollution, oil spills, disposal of solid and hazardous waste, toxic chemical use and reduction, and California’s drinking water resources.

Environmental Achievements

  • -Voted in support of SB-350 (2015), which will result in lower energy costs and a reduction of pollutants in the air we breathe.

  • -Voted in Support of AB 115 (2013) The bill was designed to address the need for regional solutions for communities with unsafe drinking water.

  • -Supported first of its kind legislation that regulated fracking in California and protected our environment.

  • -Voted in support of AB 8 (2013) which, expanded California’s clean air and clean vehicle incentive programs, in order to breathe cleaner air, protect our public health and help the low income get into a cleaner car and address climate change concerns

  • -Worked on and supported solutions to build more water storage and enhance our water infrastructure to keep vital water ways flowing to Southern California.

  • -Worked to get representation for the Inland Empire on California Air Resources Board's Environmental Justice Advisory Committee.

  • -Authored AB 1, which protects citizens from fines for brown lawns or not watering a lawn when there is a drought.

  • -Worked with the logistics and commercial trucking companies to reduce carbon emissions particulates in the Inland Empire.

  • -Supported over 20 pieces of legislation to protect the Inland Empire’s quality of air and drinking water.

  • -Held a Green Jobs Fair in collaboration with Sierra Club’s Next Generation.


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